Cable sizing for 12V, 24V and 48V systems

The sizing formular calculates the minimum cross section for cables used in low voltage installations based on voltage drop on wires.
The cables have a certain resistance related to the cross-section and length, and therefore they will measure a voltage drop on them, depending on how much power they are conducting.
Recommended maximum voltage drop on wires:
- 2% at 12V
- 4% at 24V
- 5% at 48V

Limitations: The temperature of the cable is not taken into account!
1. Fill in the length of the cable (between battery and consumption distance)
2. Fill in the maximum current through the cable
3. Also fill in the voltage of the battery / source
4. Press the corresponding battery voltage button
5. The results can be read in the field: the minimum cross section of the cable
6. Read the cross section, voltage drop on wires and voltage at the end of the cable
7. To reset all entered data: press the "Reset" button.
8. For new calculations: enter the new data and press the corresponding battery voltage

Battery / power supply voltage at 12V Battery / power supply voltage at 24V Battery / power supply voltage at 48V




Cable length

Max current

Voltage loss (%)


Cable cross section: minimum mm˛
Voltage loss (V) Volt
Voltage at the end of the cable Volt

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