100Wp / 12V Solar PV PV _100-P-36S, Polycrystalline, 5 Bus Bars – Wide Model

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Dimensions: 1000 x 680 x 35 mm / 9,0 kg
12 volt systems.

Delivery from Germany: 2-4 days

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100Watt, 12V solar panel, monocrystalline for cottages, boat, sailing dinghies, canoes, caravan, solar system with battery. Lighting, TV, mobile phone, refrigerator, freezer, scout, festival.

Dimensions: 1000 x 680 x 35 mm / 9.0 kg
– Power max: 100Watt
– Current at P max: 5.56 A
– Voltage at P max: 18.0 V
– Short circuit current: 5.98 A
– Open circuit voltage: 22,2V
– 25 year warranty

Properties :

5 BusBars, resulting in lower losses at higher temperatures or microcracks
reinforced frame in the corners
35 mm frame height
Incl. 2 built-in bypass diodes
potted junction box, for minor breakdown due to vibration and overvoltage
Connection cable with 90 cm length and 4 mm² copper wire
Resistant anti-reflective glass
Cable connector mounted on the cables
Aluminum frame made of hollow profile

5 Bus Bars
If the module has 5 busbars, the internal resistance is lower and thus the voltage drop / loss lower than ordinary solar cells with 2 BUS bar. At higher temperature this will mean a higher efficiency at 12V types of solar cells.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

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