200Watt Solar PV System for Caravan, Boat – Basic 12V

327,52 Incl. Tax

200W solar panel, 30A charger
Delivery: 3-5 days from Germany

Select module and assembly:



Solar PhotoVoltaic system for caravan BASIC 200W / 12V with PWM charger.
The basic set includes all components that you need to charge the battery in the caravan, the camper
Can be used for lighting, TV, small fridge, charging batteries for mobile, camera in:
motorhome, caravan, boat, ship, sailboat, caravan car

Battery not included. Recommended approx. 200Ah / 12V battery

– 2 x solar panel 100Wp / 12V
Selecting dimensions:
Basic (wide) 885x670x35 mm; Basic-S (oblong): 1110x505x35 mm
– 1 x Charge controller MAX30EU PWM 12/24 Volt 30A
– 2 x spoiler set – White or corner profiles White
– 1 x Lim
– 1 x 10m 2x6mm² twin cable
– 1 x pole clamps
– 1 x cable bushing white
– 1 x pair of Weidmüller PV-Sticks + and –
– 1 x Ystik PAR – Plus and Minus Parallel

200W Basic AFLANG module 1110x505x35 mm, with spoiler set
200W Basic WINDOW module 1110x505x35 mm, with corner profile set
200W Basic BRED module 885x670x35 mm, with spoiler set
200W Basic BRED module 885x670x35 mm, with corner profile set

Can supply daily in the summer at the same time:
4 bulbs a 5 watt for 4 hours + 14 ”TV for 4 hours, small refrigerator

Can be upgraded with extra 1 pc. 100W solar cell.

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Weight 22 kg

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