30Wp / 12V solar module, monocrystalline – PV-30-M-36 SH

49,00 Incl. Tax

Dimensions: 470 x 350 x 25 mm

Delivery from Germany: 2-4 days


SOLAR MODULE 30W mono solar panel 12V motorhome 30Watt PERC Schidel
• Monocrystalline solar cells PERC with Schindel technology
• 2 bypass diodes in the junction box to minimize voltage drop
• Anodized aluminum frame
• Specially hardened ESG solar glass
• Highly resistant to environmental influences
• Perfect for 12 V systems (motorhome, caravan, boat, etc.)

In the production of our solar modules, we pay particular attention to the materials that correspond exclusively to the highest quality level. Thanks to the anodised and reinforced frame, the modules are particularly well protected against twisting on your motorhome roof.

The molded junction box not only protects the contacts of the solar modules, but also ensures that the bypass diodes do not break as fast as non-molded junction boxes.

In order to further optimize the yield of the modules, our solar modules have monocrystalline solar cells with shingles technology as well as 4 mm² connection cables with MC4 plugs instead of standard 2 bus bars and 2.5 mm² cables. As a result, our modules have a lower electrical resistance, which means that the current can flow better at high solar module temperatures and less loss occurs in the bus bars and in the cable.

Our advantages:

Solar cells with shingles technology
Potted junction box
Connection cable with 4 mm² instead of 2.5 mm²
Amplifier frame with aluminum angles in the edges
25 mm frame height with a support surface of at least 1.2mm thickness
Glass thick 3.2mm safety glass

Technical specifications:

Peak power (Pmax): 30 watts
Power tolerance: 0-3%
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 22.68 volts
Max. Working voltage (Vmpp): 18.2 volts
Short circuit current (Isc): 1.84 amps
Max. Working current: 1.65 amps
Max. System voltage: DC 1000 Volt
Working temperatures: -40 ° C – + 80 ° C
Dimensions: 470 x 350 x 25 mm
Weight: approx. 2.0 kg

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

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