Adapter Phaesun Quickclip4 MC4 Y connector set, 2 in 1

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Dimensions: 106,5 x 40,8 x 20 mm (LxWxH)
Delivery: 3-4 days
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Photovoltaic Connector MC4 Y, Plus and Minus Parallel for time-saving and reliable cable connection of the solar modules.

1x male-female-female;
1x female-male-male;
compatible with commercial 4mm PV-connector;
tool free;
Max current 30A
Manufacturer: Phaesun
Product Weight: 0.12 kg
Dimensions: 106,5 x 40,8 x 20 mm (LxWxH)
Isolation IP67
Flame class UL94-VO
Locking system Snap-in

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– Adapter Phaesun Quickclip4 Set 2In1 ( 1M+2FF MU + 1F+2MM MU)
– Adapter Phaesun Quickclip4 1M + 2FF MU
– Adapter Phaesun Quickclip4 1F + 2MM MU

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Weight 0,14 kg


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