Argo FET battery isolator Victron Energy

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Argo FET allows charging of two battery groups from a charger or battery charger.
Loss of less voltage than the Argo diode.
FET separators allow you to charge two or more batteries simultaneously from an alternator (or single-battery battery charger) without connecting the batteries. Opposite diode battery separators, FET separators virtually have no voltage loss. The voltage drop is less than 0.02 volts at low voltage and has a mean value of 0.1 volts at higher voltages.

– ArgoFet 100-2, 2 batteries 100A
– ArgoFet 100-3, 3 batteries 100A
– ArgoFet 200-2, 2 batteries 200A
– ArgoFet 200-3, 3 batteries 200A

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ArgoFet 100-2, 2 batteries 100A, ArgoFet 100-3, 3 batteries 100A, ArgoFet 200-2, 2 batteries 200A, ArgoFet 200-3, 3 batteries 200A