Battery Opzs Hoppecke Sun Power V L 2-620 GUG

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Lead acid batteries 2V filled & charged 420 Ah (C10) 625 Ah (C100) incl. accessories

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Battery Opzs Hoppecke Sun | Power V L 2-620 GUG are lead acid batteries 2V filled and charged 420Ah (C10) 625 Ah (C100) incl. accessories

These batteries are specially designed for Off-Grid photovoltaic applications such as DC systems, AC coupled systems, telecommunication centres and in control, signalling and UPS installations.
With their good resistance to deep discharge, they are a reliable type of battery, also characterised by low self-discharge.

Technical data:

Battery Capacity: 420 Ah (C10) 620 Ah (C100) incl. accessories
Voltage: 2 VDC
Number of cells: 1
Dimension: 147 x 208 x 535 mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight: 34.5 kg


-For easy installation and replacement the batteries  sun | power V L are designed according to DIN 40736 I and the batteries sun | power V L bloc according to DIN 40373 III.
-The batteries GUG are “Filled and Charged”

Additional information

Weight 34,50 kg

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