Battery Rolls Solar 4500 S-1400EX

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Lead acid batteries 2V filled and charged 1000Ah (C20)1408Ah (C100)

Delivery: 5-7 days from Germany


Lead acid Battery Rolls Solar 4500 S-1400EX  Rolls premium deep cycle batteries have earned a reputation of reliability and endurance in the renewable energy markets.

Technical data:

Battery Capacity: 1000Ah (C20)1408Ah (C100)
Voltage: 2 VDC
Number of cells: 1
Terminal : Flag with stainless steel nuts & bolts
Dimension: 340 181 x 406 mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight :58.00 kg


Elimination of ‘stray’ current
No acid leakage/no racks required
Easy ‘on site’ assembly
Less connections resulting in an increase in charge efficiency
3200 cycle @50% D.O.D
Less maintenance with optional ‘Hydrocaps’
Link leads, terminal covers, nuts and bolts all included for immediate installation
Filled and charged



Additional information

Weight 58.00 kg

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