Caravan Kit Base Camp Easy MPPT ECO 110W 12V

271,76 Incl. Tax

12VDC, 1- solar module 110W, 4- pcs fixing frame Easy Mount, 1- Solar Charge Controller MPPT Phocos ECO-MPPT, Roof duct, module connection cable 5m, Glue Set

Delivery: 3-5 days from Germany


These kits include all components for the reliable power supply on the way! High-quality standard modules can be safely fixed on different surfaces with the aluminium spoiler profiles and Tec7 glue

You need an approx. 100Ah Battery ( not included)

All needed components included.
Easy installation through plug & play module connectors

Suitable for mounting on roof on boats, motorhomes, caravans.
For lighting, charging of mobile phone, camera, GPS, lighting in small spaces, refrigerator, travel, TV, etc.

1 Solar moduleSun Plus 110 | 12 VDC
1 Solar charge controller Phocos ECO-T MPPT 85/15
1 Roof duct
1 Module mounting kit Easy Mount One
1 Glue Set Easy Bond Two
1 Module cable 5 m
Installation material

Additional information

Weight 10.95 kg

Phaesun GMBH

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