Effekta multifunctions inverter AX-M 5000-48, 5000W/48V, MPPT

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3000W solar panels, 48V battery
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The AX Series is a multi-function inverter / PV charger with the combined functions of an inverter and MPPT solar and battery charging device.

AX-M Series
MPPT* Solar Controller
800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4000W rated power
24 / 48VDC

These converters are suitable for OFF grid operation, with solar modules, but can also be powered by batteries, generators or the public power grid.

If there is not enough power from the PV modules, the inverter automatically switches to battery power or to the regular 230V power supply when the batteries are disconnected. Three AX converters in combination can be configured for three-phase operation.

For higher power requirements up to 4 units (4 or 5 kVA models) with a maximum output of 16 kW (20 kVA) can be connected in parallel.

Features AX-M Series:
Multiple power sources: solar power, AC power, 24 o 48 VDC battery
Parallel operation of multiple converters possible
3-phase operation possible
sine wave output
Configured via LCD monitor or PC software
Automatic restart at power output
Overload / over temperature / short circuit protection
Optimized charging process for perfect battery performance (“Smart Charger Design”)
Ø operation possible
24 month warranty

Technical data
– MPPT charger – Max. 3000W solar modules
– Power 5000VA / 4000 Watt  sinus
– AC input: 230VAC
– Battery voltage: 48 V
– Solar input Voltage max .: 115V DC
– Dimensions: 540 x 295 x 140
– Weight 13,5 kg


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Weight 14 kg


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