Emazys-Z200-Solar PV Analyzer

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The Z200 PV solar cell analyzer from Emazys revolutionizes the time spent troubleshooting solar panels. Not only does the Z100 locate the fault, it also uniquely identifies the location of the fault in the system. Completely without separation.

Emazy’s PV Analyzer Z200 diagnoses problems and the location of the problem with a unique and patented technology in photovoltaic systems. The Z200 also collects string data such as Impedance, Voltage, Current, Riso and analyzes the state of an entire string. Furthermore, the Z200 has a function for detecting and mapping cables and panels connected to the given string during testing with tone finder (accessory).
EmaZys PV Analyzer Z200 is based on a completely new patented technology which makes it possible to perform measurements in all weather conditions with a minimum of light radiation of just 100W / m2. After analysis, the Z200 returns accurate information and interpretation of the result as well as identification of any fault condition and type as well as exact position in the string for extremely fast fault correction. Finally, troubleshooting can be performed from the end of your DC cables without disconnecting DC strings.

The user-friendly interface is accessed via WiFi from your standard browser, on e.g. Smartphone, Tablet or PC. Here you will encounter an extremely intuitive, graphical user interface, with auxiliary functions, automatic timer function for detecting and positioning periodic earth faults and much more, which makes operating the instrument and troubleshooting a breeze. All measurement results can be collected in the report generator with the subsequent option of printing full documentation for the customer or as direct instruction to the repairer.
Z200 is delivered built-in robust case incl. rechargeable battery and connection set for MC4 connectors.

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Dimensions 335 × 289 × 155 cm

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