Foldable Module Phaesun Fly Weight 2X40 (80Watt)

225,00 Incl. Tax

Dimensions 440 x 560 x 20/880 x 560 x 10 mm / 2.0 kg
For 12 volt systems.
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Delivery: 4-5 days from Germany


50W Fly Weight is a solar module that has made its mark with a high energy yield on the most limited space and the lowest weight. When folded in the textile frame and belted, this module is an unobtrusive companion.

Max power (Pmax) 80 W
Voltage (Vmpp) 17.6 V
Power at max power 4.5A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 21.6 V
Short-circuit current (ISC) 4.9 A
Working temperature: -10 to + 60 degrees C
Dimensions 440 x 560 x 20/880 x 560 x 10 mm
Weight 2 kg

Solar module for battery operationcan, be folded. Can be used for charging camera, mobile, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, GPS, light, led light, laptop. For travel, hiking, boat, bike, festivals.

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Weight 3 kg

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