Foldable Solar Panel Kit 60/100 Watt, 12V, plug and play, with charger

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Rated power: 60 watts or 100watt (Pmax)
12 volt systems.
Delivery: 2-4 days from Germany

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The portable solar kir with integrated IP67 solar charging controller in 60 or 100 watts is ideal for joining, camping, a nice barbecue in the garden and when traveling with your vehicle to get enough power for the batteries. Due to the already connected IP67 waterproof solar cell charger and the pre-assembled battery terminals, you get a fast and easy plug and play solution for everyone. To put the solar cell suitcase in operation, place the suitcase in the direction of the sun and connect it to the battery. You get enough power for your TV, radio, light or other electrical appliances.
The advantages :
simple and easy to transport
Quickly ready for use
many applications
Waterproof IP67 solar charger included
Everything is already connected and ready for use
Handle for execution
Carrying case for safe storage and transportation

Technical data 60 watts Kit:
Rated power: 60 watts (Pmax)
Power tolerance: 0 – 3%
Idle Voltage: 21.7 V (Voc)
max. Working voltage: 18.0 V (Vmpp)
Short-circuit current: 3.33 A (Ise)
max. Working Power: 3.82 A (IMPP)
Dimensions: 460 x 550 x 85 mm folded; 460 x 1105 x 45 mm unfolds
Weight: 7.8 kg

Technical data 100 watt Kit:
Nominal power: 100 watts (Pmax)
Power tolerance: 0 – 3%
Idle Voltage: 23.2 V (Voc)
max. Working voltage: 18.8 V (Vmpp)
Short-circuit current: 5.32 A (Ise)
max. Working Power: 5.85 A (IMPP)
Dimensions: 650 x 550 x 85 mm folded; 650 x 1105 x 45 mm unfolds
Weight: 10.3 kg

Technical data for charger:
System voltage: 12 volts
max. PV input voltage: 30 volts
Input current: 10 amps
Equalize charging voltage: 14.8 volts
Boost charging voltage: 14.4 volts
Float charging voltage: 13.7 volts
Last undervoltage: 11.1V
Restart with low voltage: 12.6 volts
Power Consumption: <= 4.58 mA
Temperature compensation coefficient: -5mV / ° C / 2V (25 ° C)
Operating temperature: -35 ° C – + 55 ° C
Protection: IP67

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Weight 12 kg

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