HT PVChecks PV / solar cell installation tests

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HT PVCHECK helps to quickly and safely perform electrical tests on the DC side of solar cell installations as well as whether modules / solar cell strings live up to guideline IEC / EN62446 for mains-connected solar cell systems.

When measuring solar radiation and panel temperature (Optional), the instrument can interpolate the performance to STC (Standard test conditions) and assess the efficiency of the panels.

PVCHECK checks:
Continuity in equalization connection with 200mA
– Insulation tests conductors on a module, string or whole system in accordance with IEC / EN62446, without the need for short circuit of positive and negative with 250, 500 or 1000VDC.
– DC voltage
– DC power
– DC power
– Solar radiation with reference cell (Accessories)
– Ambient and cell temperature (Optional)
– Records values in intervals from 5s to 60min
– Open circuit voltage up to 1000V DC
– Short-circuit current up to 10A
– Memory for data for 30 panel types

The instrument complies with EN61010-1, EN61010-031, EN62446 and 61557-1, 2, -4 and is delivered complete in a bag incl. test leads, batteries, HT4004 current clamp up to 100A DC, manual, ISO9000 calibration certificate as well as Windows software and cable.

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