HT solar300N solar cell analyzer And Power Supply analyzer

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HT SOLAR300N from HT Italia, is a solar cell analyzer that measures the physical and electrical conditions on and around your solar cell system. It calculates the system factor by collecting data from all the necessary parameters fitted to the photovoltaic system. The system factor is the sum of the sub-factors from the solar cell and the inverter – and is collected with the supplied synchronized remote unit.

With HT SOLAR300N, the efficiency of solar cells can be measured and calculated, as well as the efficiency of the DC / AC inverter. The efficiency is used to control and optimize the solar cell installation and gives the fitter a picture of the system efficiency. The HT SOLAR300N can be used to calculate the payback time of the system, as it provides information on current, voltage and power level.

The remote unit is used to transfer data from the pyranometer and temperature measurements to an HT SOLAR300N. The remote unit is synchronized with the HT SOLAR300N, so that all measurements have the same measurement time.

In addition to testing and checking photovoltaic systems, the HT SOLAR300N can be used as a mains analyzer, for measuring power quality in accordance with EN 50160 and imbalance, Flicker etc.

HT SOLAR300N complies with IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V and is delivered complete in a bag, with 1 pc. AC / DC 0-100A current clamp, 3 pcs. AC 0-100, test leads and crocodile beak, SOLAR-02 remote unit and reference cell, 2 pcs. temperature probes, power supply, software, USB cable and manual.

Display: Graphic, TFT, illuminated VGA, 320×240 pixels
Pyranometer: 0-1,400W / m²
Accuracy: ± 1.0% + INT (1000 * 0.1 /)
Ambient temperature: -20-100 ° C
Accuracy: ± 1% + 1 ° C
Solar cell temperature: 0-100 ° C
Accuracy: ± 1% + 2 digits
DC voltage: 0-1,000V
DC current: 0-1,000A (depending on current clamp)
AC voltage: 0-600V
AC current: 0-3.000A (depending on current clamp)
Battery: Li-ION 3.7V rechargeable
Battery capacity:> 6 hours
Power supply: 230V AC 50hz
Dimensions: 235x165x75mm
Weight: 1Kg

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 235 × 165 × 75 cm

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