*Hybrid Inverter / Charger Outback SPC III 5000-48

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Dimensions: 115 x 300 x 400 mm / 10Kg.
5000 W, 48 VDC, 230 VAC / 40 – 63 Hz Hz, charge current 80 A PV + AC / 40 A transfer, 500 Voc, self consumption 14 W / 50 W, sinewave, electronic protection, screw terminal PV 16 mm² / AC 10 mm², connection Bat M8 – 50 mm², air cooling, LCD, programmable, USB, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, option (Parallel-Kit, WiFi, GPRS, SNMP), IP21
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Outback SPC III 5000-48 is a brand new off-grid inverter with many new features, ie detachable LCD control module that can be turned to a remote control
panel, integrated Bluetooth interface for mobile monitoring, USB on the go feature to facilitate data upload / download, battery independence design for
work without battery connected, GPRS module for remote monitoring

• power 5000 watts
• Built-in MPPT charge controller
• PV Array Open Curcuit voltage up to 500VDC
• Up to 4000 W PV Array Power
• Detachable LCD control module with various communications.
Can be turned to remote control.
• Integrated Bluetooth for mobile monitoring (Android)
• Supports USB On-the-Go function
• Reserved communication port for BMS (RS485,
CAN-BUS or RS232)
• Interchangeable fan design for easy maintenance
• Battery dependency: Supply load from grid or PV, even battery is not available

Technical data
Power: 5000 VA,
Battery voltage: 48 VDC,
Output 230 VAC / 50 Hz, sine wave,
Max solar charge 80A PV / 60A grid / 40A transfer, 145 VOC,
Max solar power output: 4000W
Solar cells voltage: 120-450VDC
Solar cells max open circuit voltage: 500VDC
dimensions: 115 x 300 x 400 mm / 10Kg.

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Weight 12 kg

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