Hybrid Inverter Growatt SPH 3000, 3,0 kW

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Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm. 547x516x170 / 27 kg

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Hybrid Inverter Growatt SPH 3000, 3.0 kW, can operate with battery storage or without. Batteries can therefore possibly be retrofitted. Maximum panel load is 6600 kW. Works for both lithium and AGM GEL batteries
Built-in 2 MPP trackers with a wide MPP range: 120 to 550V.

Entrance solar cells
Max. recommended DC power 6600W
Max. DC voltage 550V
Start voltage 150V
MPP voltage range / rated voltage 120V-550V
Number of MPP trackers / strings per MPP tracker 2/1
Output Data
AC rated power 3000W
Max. current 16A
Rated AC voltage range 230V
Power factor (@nominal power) 0.8leading – 0.8laging
Battery (DC)
Battery voltage range 42-59V
Max. Charging and discharging current 58V
Continuous charging and discharging power 66A
Battery type lithium / Lead-acid
Battery capacity 50 ~ 2000AH
Max. efficiency 97.5%
Euro European efficiency 97%
Battery charging / discharging efficiency 99.9%

Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm. 547x516x170
Weight 27KG
Noise level (Typical) ≤25 dB (A)
Cooling concept natural
Degree of sealing IP65


Additional information

Weight 27,00 kg
Dimensions 547 × 516 × 170 cm

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