Joulite Kit 1 Sundaya – blue

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Dimension: Length 140 mm, diameter: 22 mm. Total weight: 0.55 kg
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JouLite is a multifunctional solar lighting solution. Torch, mobile phone charger plus solar module for charging, all in one! The kit has an innovative product design: with the lamp holder it can be used as a table lamp. The lamp can be charged with a 5 V solar module or a USB cable. It is multifunctional, robust and water proof!
1. JouLite150 lamp
2. BottleStand
3. Water close telephone cable
4. LEC30 kJ / d solar panel

Dimension: Length 140 mm, diameter: 22 mm. Total weight: 0.55 kg
– 3 light power levels on a touch of the thumb; You get 10 Lumen at first touch, 50 Lumen at second touch and 150 Lumen at third touch
– Insert micro USB into your phone to charge the phone’s battery
– If your phone is not using a micro USB; You can put the standard USB charging cable from your phone into the USB connector on your JouLite charging cable.
– With 30 kilojoule (kJ) of energy in “tank” you can refill a smartphone or 2 ordinary phones.
– Over 60 hours of light
With an energy consumption of less than 0.5 kJ per hour at 10 Lumen, you get more than 60 hours of light. With another touch JouLite gives 50 Lumen and consumes less at 2 kJ / hour, and with 30kJ in the tank, you get 15 hours of light. At the highest output of 150 Lumen, the JouLite consumes 5 kJ per hour, thus it can last for 6 hours ..
– The world’s best light conversion efficiency
The light power of JouLite has a power to light conversion efficiency of 25%, which is currently the highest conversion efficiency in the world. An incandescent lamp can only convert 1% of the electrical energy into light and a compact fluorescent lamp can convert approx. 5% to light. Most commercially available LED lamps convert between 3 to 8% to light and thus Sundaya JouLites are up to 3x more efficient than the average LED lamps on the market.
– No heat in JouLite
JouLite does not need any heat sink like we see in normal LED bulbs. This is due to the fact that electricity to the Light efficiency is above 3 x higher than the normal LED bulbs, where still a large part of the electrical energy converts to heat.
– Waterproof: When the Phone Charge Cable is set perfectly, JouLite becomes resistant to water and rain.
– Long Life: JouLite can deliver up to 30MJ of energy over it’s lifetime. 30 MJ is 30,000 kJ or thousand times the original content of energy. The light source can last more than 50,000 light hours. This means that during normal use, a JouLite can last more than 10 years!

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