LED Lighting Unit Sundaya T-Lite180

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Dimension 228 x 100 mm
Weight: 0,2 kg
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Quality manufacturer Sundaya extends its PicoPV line with the T-Lite. The T-Lite is an ideal illumination system and has a variety of uses! Whether as a ceiling lamp, table lamp, or as a manageable torch – with eight high-quality LED lamps it reaches a considerably high illumination level of 180 lumens.

Highly efficient integrated lithium ion batteries provide a long period of light. In contrast to the Ulitium lamp, its counterpart, the new T-Lite is equipped with a simple touch button. T-Lite is available as a complete kit with corresponding solar module or as a single lamp. The simple plug-and-play technology provides the highest flexibility.

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LED Lighting Unit Sundaya T-Lite180 30Kj/ 8,3Wh
8kJ/h consumption, 180 lumen, maximum charger supply voltage 25VDC, maximum charge current 350mA, 2.2000mAh , LiCoO2 battery, IP54

LED Lighting Unit Sundaya T-Lite180 60Kj/ 16,6 Wh
8kJ/h consumption, maximum charger supply voltage 25VDC, maximum charge current 350mA, 4.500mAh storage,  LiCoO2 battery, 180 lumen, IP54


The Sundaya Lightkit system consists of very simple modular parts that you can connect together to form an expandable, energy-efficient lighting installation.
The concept of the basic Sundaya Lightkit is simple: During the daytime, energy is harvested from the sunlight
using the LEC (Light to Electricity Converter), and converted into electricity. This electrical energy is then
passed through the cables and Hub5 in your installation, to the T-Lite.
When not in use, the T-Lite will store this electric energy in its Epack, and then convert it back to light whenever it is switched on. It is considered an ELC (Electricity to Light Converter)


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Weight 0.25 kg


T-Lite180 60Kj / 16,6 Wh, T-Lite180 30Kj / 8,3 Wh

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