Lithium Battery BMZ ESS7.0, 121Ah, 55,5VDC

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Dimensions: 592 x 440 x 646 mm (LxWxH) / 120 kg
Delivery: 4-8 days from Germany

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BMZ ESS are a new generation of robust and long-life lithium batteries. An integrated BMS supervises all relevant parameters and communicates data and alarms. In case of malfunction, it can enforce a system shutdown. Integrated fuses and safety vents guarantees a secure operation are scalable up to 12 units.
3 to 5 times longer service life, high cycle durability,
97 % efficiency and an extremely compact design
Applicable with SMA Sunny Island 6.0H, 8.0H

Technical data
Energy (nom./usable) 6.74 kWh/5.39 kWh
Nominal voltage 55.5 V
Charge end voltage 61.5 V
Discharge end voltage 45.0 V
Capacity (nom./usable) 121.5 Ah/ 97.2 Ah
Max. charge 90 A
Max. discharge current 300 A ( 3 sec.)
Max. discharge power 18 kW*
Weight 95 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 638 x 421 x 487 mm
Communication CAN – SMA ready
Battery chemistry Li-Ion NMC
Discharge depth 80% DOD
Full cycles 5,000

Technical service online and by telephone
Store during the day; use day and night
Independent from daylight and public grid
Economic, cost-cutting and ecofriendly
Robust, safe and space saving
Modular installation: the storage capacity can be adapted to your needs
Subsidized by the Federal Government of Germany: KfW-Program 275
Powerful energy storage system
New lithium-ion technology: a 10 year warranty covering the system’s current value (not in all countries)
High efficiency: 95 %
High discharge depth: 80 % DOD (Depth of Discharge)
Durable: 5,000 full cycles
Parallel installation of max. 12 modules possible
High operational safety
Direct current relay and 2nd protection (chemical fuse) for a redundant battery cut-off
Overvoltage and low voltage monitoring for each cell string with redundant battery cut-off
Temperature monitoring for each cell string
Current interrupt device (CID) in each cell
Protection against a reboot after deep discharge or any other serious error
Active current control as a function of cell voltage and temperature (derating)
Closed metal, double housing

Additional information

Weight 130 kg

Phaesun GMBH

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