Solar cell analyzer HT Kit Solar Basic-e 1500V / 15A

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MPP300 adapter, software, USB cable and manual.

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Measure efficiencies and see IV curves on photovoltaic systems 15A / 1500V EAN 5706445500796 / EL-NR 8798340456 Measure up to 1500V DC or 15A DC (1500V / 10A or 1000V / 15A) HT Kit Solar Basic-e from HT Italia, is a complete photovoltaic system analyzer , which can measure efficiencies of up to 3 DC strings and 3 phases of AC. HT Kit Solar Basic can also measure and display I-V curves as well as Maximum Power Point (MPP) for a photovoltaic system.

HT Kit Solar Basic consists of the Solar I-Vw tester with reference cell and an MPP300 box which is used to collect values of up to 3 DC currents and voltages as well as 3 AC currents and voltages.

With HT Kit Solar Basic you can measure and calculate the efficiency of the photovoltaic systems, as well as the efficiency of the DC / AC inverter. The efficiency is used to control and optimize the solar cell installation and gives the installer, a picture of the system efficiency.

HT Kit Solar Basic can be used to calculate the payback time of the system as it provides information on current, voltage and power level. with the supplied synchronized remote device.

The remote unit is used to transfer data from the reference cell and temperature measurements to the HT Kit Solar Basic. The remote unit is synchronized with HT SOLAR I-Vw, so that all measurements have the same measurement time.

In addition to USB connection, Solar Kit Basic has WiFi so that data can be transferred wirelessly to a PC. In addition, the HT analysis App can be used on phone and tablet (Android and iOS), so data can be transferred directly to free storage space in HT Cloud. This means that the measurements, as soon as they are performed in the field, can be opened on the PC at home in the office, without the instruments having to be taken home and “emptied”. That saves time.

HT Kit Solar Basic complies with IEC 61010-1 Cat IV 300V, Cat III 1000V and comes complete in a bag, with 3 pcs. HT4004P 0-10 / 0-100A AC / DC current clamps, 3 pcs. HT4005K 0-200A AC current clamps, test leads and crocodile beak, SOLAR-02 remote unit and reference cell, 2 pcs. temperature probes, power supply, MPP300 adapter, software, USB cable and manual.

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