Solar Charge Controller MPPT, MT1550EU,12 Volt ,15A USB

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The MT1550EU solar charge controller is based on an advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology developed specifically for solar systems. Charge controller efficiency is up to 97%.

Equipped with a number of excellent features:

Innovative Maximum PowerPoint Tracking (MPPT) technology, tracking efficiency> 99%
High charge conversion, efficiency up to 98%
LCD screen, easy to read operating data and mode
Real-time monitoring
12 volt battery voltage
Can be set for lead-acid and gel batteries; the charge controller is NOT suitable for other battery types, such as: Nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion and other rechargeable batteries
External temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation
Two USB charging connectors

Technical data
System voltage: 12 volts
Max. Charging current: 15A
MPPT charging voltage: <14.5 V @ 25 ° C
Boost voltage: 14.5 V @ 25 ° C Compensating voltage: 14.8 V @ 25 ° C
Float voltage: 13.7 V @ 25 ° C Charging voltage: 10.8 – 11.8 V Voltage feedback: 11.6 – 12.8 V
Surge protection: 15.5 V
Max voltage of the battery terminal: 35V
Temperature compensation: -4.17mV / K pr. Cell (boost, equalization); -3.33mV / K pr. Cell (float)
Battery type: AGM, gel, acid
Max. Voltage solar panel: 45V
Max. power: 130 watts Day / night detection: 8.0 V
MPPT tracking range: (battery voltage + 1.0V) – Voc * 0.9 Output
Current Output Power: 10A USB charging output: 5V, 2A
Working mode: standard, D2D, street lamp, custom mode
Max. Tracking efficiency:> 99.9%
Max. charge conversion: 98.0%
Dimensions: 189x96x53 mm
Weight: 420 g
Self-consumption: 7mA
Working temperature range: -20 – + 55 ° C
Storage temperature: -25 – + 80 ° C
Ambient humidity: 0-100% non-condensing

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Weight 0,5 kg

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