Solar Charging Controller Votronic MPP Duo Dig, 10-26A, 12V, 24V

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MPP Solar Controller for high-quality campers, caravans and boats. VOTRONIC Solar Controllers of series “MPP” (Maximum-Power-Point) with characteristic line of charging „IU1oU2“ are the link between solar panel(s) and battery (batteries). Controllers according to the MPP technology are continuously and automatically calculating the maximum power yield (MPP) of the solar modules several times per minute. The voltage surplus of the solar module will be transformed to a higher charging current for the battery (realised by high-frequency switching controller technology with high efficiency). This surplus of charging current ensures short charging times and the best possible power yield of the solar system. Working fully automatically and maintenance-free, the solar controllers MPP offer the following functions:

– Small, light and compact
– High reliability through microcontroller
– Loading programs for lead acid, gel, AGM, and LiFePO4 batteries adjustable
– Temperature compensation
– Recharge and maintenance charge of the vehicle’s starter battery
– Check AES refrigerator
– Continuous control, immediate recharging
– 5 LED indicators
– Suitable for all common solar modules
– Optional: Plug and Play Power Meter LCD Solar Computer S

Votronicdata Solar Charging Controller MPP

Votronicdata Solar Charging Controller MPP


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Weight 1 kg


Type/current (A)

MPP 165 Duo Dig -10A,  MPP 250 Duo Dig – 15A, MPP 350 Duo Dig – 21A, MPP 430 Duo Dig – 26A, MPP 480/24 Duo Dig 14A/24V

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