Solar Module Phaesun Mare Flex 100

126,40 Incl. Tax

100 W, 12 VDC, 36 cells, glass fibre reinforced carrier, sealed connection box, cable 5000 mm / 2,5 mm², single cardboard

Delivery from Germany: 2-4 days


Thin and lightweight solar modules are excellent for use in mobile applications, such as outdoor activities and cam-ping, as well as for mounting on caravan or truck roofs. The front foil made of TPT (Tedlar Polyester Tedlar) is particularly weatherproof with high light transparency over a wide tem-perature range and has excellent resistance to weather in-fluences and UV radiation. The glass-fibre reinforced carrier integrated into the laminate gives the module a high degree of rigidity. The modules are not suitable for permanent use in saline environments. For these areas of application, we recommend the Mare Flex.

-lightweight and flat
-no sharp edges
-5m sheathed cable
-textured surface
-epoxy support plate with prepreg glass fibres (FR4)
-fixing lugs

Technical data:
Max. (Pmax) :100 W
Voltage : 12 VDC V
36 cells x mono
Dimensions: 1080 x 510 x 4 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 3.70 kg
Cables: 5000 mm / 2,5 mm², single cardboard

Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg
Dimensions 1080 × 510 × 4 cm

Phaesun GmbH

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