Solar tracker 12V for 2x100Wp modules, SunTracer OG+ 2m²

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Solar motor made to be supplied with power from 12 VDC from external power supply. Without charger controller. Suitable for panels on grid,  up to dimensions 2m x 1m usage at homes on-grid at roof on houses, for trafic signalisation, for street light use, for power suplly at cottages, for small and large powerplants where solar panels are connected in serial and output is connected directly to inverter or an external charging device. Wind resistance is 130km/h. All metal gear parts inside ensure high destruction forces.

The motor kit include:
Solar engine with motor shaft (1150mm)
Four brackets for a solar module
Bracket system for attachment to a mast
two support arms (1160mm)
A USB cable for connecting to a PC
Ground screw and main pole are not part of this solar tracker package! You can buy it separatelly.
Solar tracker anti-shadowing software function included.

General group of features included in product: SunTracer OG+
Number of motion axis: Single-Axis
Astronimic tracking algorithm: Yes, but only one axis
CPV usage (concentrated PV usage): Yes, but only a straight one or straight parabolic
Real time clock & date with bck. batt.: Yes
USB or RS485 interface to PC: Yes
Type of networking communication: RS485
Type of application program for supervision and setting: Web monitor via Helios analytics
Setting via PC: Yes
Monitoring via PC: Yes
Upgrading via PC: Yes
Controling & driving via PC: Yes
Options ( marked with **** are for additional payment ):
Expected life time: 800-1000h of motor operation (DC motor replace on 8 years if each day one cycle), backup battery replace on 3-5 years if battery in, all other 15 years
Hour angle: 92°; 46° East – 46° West
Guarantee time: 2 years, optionally 10 years for addtional 30% of price


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Weight 7 kg

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