Solarmex 1000 MEM, with memory

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Dimensions: 209x98x35mm

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Solarmex 1000 MEM tests a mains-connected solar cell in accordance with EN 62446. The measurements are made on solar cells that are disconnected from the inverter. Solarmex 1000 MEM comes with memory, measured data can be shown directly in the display. Solarmex 1000 MEM comes with software so the saved values with date stamp can be displayed on PC and printed out.

The standard EN 62446 prescribes that you must at least test polarity, idle voltage, short-circuit current, continuity and insulation resistance, in addition to these tests, Solarmex 1000 MEM can measure resistance and earth fault test.

As an additional accessory, a Solarmex PV sensor can be purchased, which measures solar radiation, temperature and inclination / angle of the panel. The measured values are shown in the display and saved together with the other values.

Solarmex 1000 MEM complies with EN 61010 CAT I, 1000V and is delivered complete in a transport case with test leads, crocodile beak, 2 pcs. MC4 adapter, 2 pcs. MC4 / MC3 adapters, software, batteries and manual.

Technical data:
-Display: 128 × 64 LCD
-Voltage measurement U0: 0 to 1000V DCCurrent Isc: 0 to 20A DC
-Isolation measurement Riso: 0 to 20MΩ
-Riso test voltage: 250V, 500V, 1000V DC
-Earth fault measurement: 0 to 1000V DC
-Continuity: 0 to 10Ω, test current> 200mA
-Memory: 16,000 measurements
Enclosure class: IP 42
-Battery: 4 x LR6
-Dimensions: 209x98x35mm
-Weight: 500 g

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Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 209 × 98 × 35 cm

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