Solar Module Phaesun Sun Peak SPR 35, 35W/12V

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Dimensions: 510 x 415 x 35 mm, 3.9 kg.
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The Sun Peak SPR modules feature backcontact mono crystalline cells with a unique structure that yields conversation efficiencies of up to 20 %. They are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for Off-Grid applications.

Photovoltaic modules made with unique back connected cells
Cells with high conversion efficiency up to 20%
Manufactured in ISO9001 certified factory
Designed to charge 12 to 48 VDC batteries for off-grid remote systems
Made with high quality materials which qualifies high reliability of modules

Solar Module Phaesun Sun Peak SPR 35, 35W / 12V with back-contact solar cell technology is an ideal solar panel for people who need a compact power source that supplies power enough to operate a range of low-power electrical appliances, such as an electric fence system , base lighting, radios, power gates, etc. The SPR-35 is ideal for use when you are away in the caravan, installed for garden lighting system or just a reliable power source away from the mains.

– Maximum power: 35Watt
– Dimensions: 510 x 415 x 35 mm, 3.9 kg.
– Power at P max: 1.94A
– Voltage at P max: 118.1V
– Power at short circuit: 2.1A
– Idle voltage: 21.7V
– Tolerance: +/- 5%,
– Warranty: 25 years
– Cable length: 1m / 4mm² with MC4 connector
– Junction Box IP65
– Frame: Base anodized aluminum with Twin-Wall Profile

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Weight 4 kg

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