Steca Temperature Differential Controller TR A501T

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115 VAC…230 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 5 inputs, 1 output
Dimensions: 110 x 160 x 51 mm (LxWxH)
Delivery from Germany: 3-5 days


Steca TS external temperature sensors are used for monitoring the battery temperature. The external temperature sensors are required when the battery is installed in an other room then solar charge controller.
The Steca tr A501 T solar thermal controller has been developed to be especially efficient in the widest possible range of applications. It is an ideal solution for all single-circuit systems. the compact designer casing can be superbly integrated into solar stations, but can of course also be installed on walls or top-hat rails.
A special switched-mode power supply ensures maximum efficiency and economic operation: this reduces own consumption to a minimum and the variable input voltage allows universal use of the device anywhere in the world. The innovative electronic load control technology protects the controller against overloading and
installation errors.

Hydraulic schemes 8
Ambient temperature 0 °c … +50 °c
Degree of protection IP 22 / DIn 40050 [without front panel: IP 20]
Dimensions (X x Y x Z) 110 x 160 x 51 mm
Weight 300 gr.

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