Sizing 12V OFF grid PV systems

The system will be designed to ensure the desired power consumption during spring-autumn (March to October) in Denmark


- Fill in the data for number of items, wattage, number of hours / days on per unit  that represent your power consumption, and press the "Calculate" button. Fill in only integer without commas, points/dots and letters.
- If you want a new calculation, press the "Cancel" button. All data will be deleted and the form is ready for new calculations. Fill
in the new data. We have allready  filed in some data, you can delete them and insert your own data.
- No fill in the fields below the Total Watts h / day, they represent computation results.

Item  Nr. of items Power in Watt  Number hours/day Total Watt h / day
Lamp 4W
Lamp 10W
Water pump
Mobil charger
Other appliances

Total consumption in Watt hours / day

Estimated minimum solar power    


Estimated minimum battery capacity  
(reserve = 2 days without sunshine)   


Estimated MPPT charge controller at least    


Estimated PWM charge controller at least    



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