12V batteries Lithium, AGM, GEL

12V Quality batteries for solar PV systems from Exide, Victron, Vision, small batteries, battery charger and converter, isolators, fuses, battery bokses,

  • Battery Main Switches

    Battery Main Switches (6)

    Battery main switch, Circuit breaker, 80VDC, IP65, pre-wired, high nominal current to protect cables and equipment. Protects against ignition when installed on board
  • DC / DC converter

    DC / DC converter (18)

    Wide input voltage range: 12V, 24V, 48V, Adjustable output voltage, protected against short circuits.
  • Salt Battery

    Salt Battery (1)

    Ideal substitute for lead-acid batteries. Safe and absolutely environmentally friendly technology offers alternative to common lithium-ion batteries.
  • AGM batteries

    AGM batteries (7)

    AGM (Absorbed Glass Food) battery. The electrolyte is stored in a fiberglass mat pressed between the plates. As the electrolyte is thus sucked in, these batteries are leak proof.
  • Battery Accessories, combinator, monitor

    Battery Accessories, combinator, monitor (55)

    Accessories to protect against discharge, connection of the batteries, control and monitor the state, voltage, and power. Poles and terminals.
  • Battery boxes

    Battery boxes (4)

    Battery box of acid-proof plastic, prolongs battery life, reduces the risk of battery acid in the boat. For Off-Grid power and portable systems is designed for an inside or outside installation. With a comprehensive range of sizes,
  • Battery charger 12, 24, 48V

    Battery charger 12, 24, 48V (23)

    Wide range of intelligent battery charger for all battery types: with acid, AGM, GEL or Lithium. DC-DC converter for standalone applications
  • GEL batteries

    GEL batteries (9)

    Gel batteries are maintenance-free sealed for safe transportation and installation. The cells are internally connected. The tubular sheet architecture results in a high life cycle life and a long life
  • Lithium LiFePo4 batteries up to 200Ah/12V

    Lithium LiFePo4 batteries up to 200Ah/12V (19)

    Lithium batteries from Vision Battery and Victron energy between 4.5 to 200Ah. Low weight, extremely resistant, high safety, can be charged with common 12V lead charger