Battery Classic Opzs Solar 3850 GUG

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Lead acid batteries 2884 Ah (C10), 2V 3850 Ah (C120), 2V filled and charged

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Lead acid  Battery Classic Opzs Solar 3850 GUG,  filled and charged These batteries have been well-proven for decades in medium and large photovoltaic systems. Based on DIN standard sizes and tubular flooded plate technology, the batteries provide the highest level of reliability and cycle life with low maintenance, thanks to a large electrolyte reserve. Due to their robustness, long life and high operational safety they are ideally suitable for use in solar and wind systems, telecommunications and other safety power supplies.

Technical data:

Battery Capacity: 2884 Ah (C10), 2V 3850 Ah (C120)
Voltage: 2 VDC
Number of cells: 1
Terminal : F-M8
Dimension: 215 x 490 x 812 mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight : 184.00 kg


  • Robust, low-maintenance, long-life batteries
  • Based on DIN standard sizes
  • Up to 3000 cycles at 60 % depth of discharge
  • Filled and Charged (GUG)

Additional information

Weight 184,00 kg

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