Bridge Rectifier BR3510 (1000V/35A)

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Dimensions: 29×29 mm


BR3510 35A / 1000V Single-phase silicon bridge.
Spare Parts for Rutland 504 / 12V, Rutland 913 & 914i 12 / 24V, Rutland Furlmatic 910-3 and 910-4

Technical data:
VRRM, Rep. peak rev. volts., 1000V
VRMS, Max. RMS Volt., 420V I (AV),
Rectified current av., 35A IFSM,
Peak Surge FWD., 400.0A
VF, Max. forw. volt. drop, 1.2V
TJ, Operating Temp. -55 to 125 ° C
Dimensions: 29 × 29 mm


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