Cable Ölflex Solar XLS-R Twin 2X6, 2×4, 2×2.5 mm² BK/RD

2,904,30 Incl. Tax

Double cable,
Dimension 5,8×11,9mm; double isolated 900/1500 V

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To connect solar modules with inverters, solar chargers
The Price is for 1 meter

Cable cross section: 2,5mm², 4mm², 6mm²
Cable diameter 5,8×11,9mm;
Double isolated 900/1500 V;
Temp.-range -40° to +100°C;
UV resistant; copper fine wire

Select cable cross section:
Cable Ölflex Solar XLS-R Twin 2X6 mm² Black/Red
Cable Ölflex Solar XLS-R Twin 2X4 mm² Black/Red
Cable Ölflex Solar XLS-R Twin 2X2,5 mm² Black/Red

Electron beam cross-linked solar twin-cables – separable
Easy to split into two separate cables
Reduced outer diameters enable space and weight saving installation
Robust against mechanical impacts
Reduction of flame propagation and of toxic combustion gases in the event of fire
Exact quantity control during installation by meter marking on the cable sheath.

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Weight 0,17 kg

U.I. Lapp GmbH

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