Internet-Kill Switch

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Internet Internet Kill Switch: Avoid Backdoors, bot nets, spyware, hackers, spammers while not working at the computer.

With a single click of a switch, you can be immediately offline.
Of course, you can just unplug the cable, but it will wear the connectors while the switch is faster to use.

If you want to be double secure, here is a simple, foolproof solution: a hardware kill switch.
Set this switch to cable connection between your computer and router and use it to unambiguously isolate
computer from the Internet whenever you want. Or set it between your router (wireless or otherwise) and your internet service provider’s hardware
to control the connection to the whole house.

When the switch is on, the PC’s internet connection is working normally. When the PC is not in use, the switch must / can be set manually in the OFF position and the connection between the PC and the modem / router / Internet is disconnected.

Box dimensions: 80x80x44 mm / 190 gr.

Very simple to configure and use
Low cost
Strong safety during use

No protection while using the Internet
Interrupts automated anti virus software updates
May cause some DHCP issues
Requires login to your modem / router every time the switch is turned on (PCs with Win7 / 8 log in automatically)

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