LED Lamp Sundaya Ulita 200 White, 2V, 1,92Watt, plug & play

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Supply voltage: 12VDC
Dimensions: (H x diameter) : 180 mm x 100 mm
Delivery from Germany : 1-3 days


These LED lamps consume extremely low amounts of energy and are very effective. For 240 lumens of light output, eight kilojoules of energy per hour are sufficient. If one dims the lamps, which is possible in three steps, they need even less energy. The Sundaya lamp also leads the field as far as efficiency is concerned. While a conventional light bulb delivers one percent and a low-energy light bulb five to ten percent, the new LED lamp from Sundaya has an efficiency of 23 percent. Ulita: without integrated Li-Ion energy storage


LED lamp with 8kJ/h power consumption
240 Lumen
4,8 m cable
Plug and switch

Technical data:
– socket: none – 4.8m cable pre-assembled
– Power: 1.92W / 0.96W / 0.24W
– Diameter 53mm, length 93mm
– Supply voltage: 9V to 14.5V DC
– Light Color : white – 5000 K
– Luminous intensity: 240 Lumen,
– Spreads the light at 270 degrees angle.
– Lifetime: Up to 10 years / 12 hours / day
– Protection: IP55
– Product dimensions (H x diameter): 180 mm x 100 mm
– Product weight:: 0.160 kg

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