LIONTRON LiFePO4 12.8V 150Ah motorhome seat battery LX Smart BMS with Bluetooth

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Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm: 350 x 187 x 283

Delivery: 3-4 days from Germany

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LIONTRON LiFePO4 12.8V 150Ah motorhome seat battery LX Smart BMS with Bluetooth is a full replacement for lead batteries with maximum life and all the benefits of a lithium iron phosphate battery. The battery provides significant weight savings, huge energy reserves and stable voltage even under extreme loads.


High-performance traction / storage battery especially for mobile or stationary use with the highest requirements
Safest lithium technology (LiFePO4)
Lithium iron phosphate. No gases, no risk of explosion or fire. Completely maintenance free
Light weight, huge weight savings compared to AGM or gel lead batteries. Particularly easy to transport.
Integrated BMS (battery management system): with adaptive cell balancing. Protection against short circuit, overcharging and deep discharge.
Long cycle life: maximum cycle time with over 3000 cycles, even with regular deep discharge.
1 to 1 replaceable with lead batteries AGM / GEL without changing the loading / unloading structure.
Low self-discharge: only approx. 3% pr. month (10% per year) for storage / non-use

Technical specifications:

Nominel kapacitet: 150Ah / 1920Wh
Arbejdsspændingsområde: 11,0 … 14,6 V.
Nominel spænding: 12,8V
Cyklustid:> = 3000 ved 80% DoD
Opladningsegenskaber: CCCV / IU
Opladningsspænding: 14,4-14,6V
Anbefalet maks. Ladestrøm: 75 A.
Maks. Ladestrøm: 100 A.
Varighed af afgangsstrøm: 150 A.
Maks. Afladningsstrøm (<20 sek.): 200 A.
BMS batteristyringssystem: integreret
Anvendelse / tilslutning: 12 V installation, parallel forbindelse mulig (serieforbindelse til f.eks. 24 V ikke mulig)
Beskyttelsesgrad: IP65
Temperaturområde (afladning): -20 ° C … + 60 ° C
Temperaturområde (opladning) *: -10 ° C … + 45 ° C
Temperaturområde (opbevaring): -20 ° C … + 60 ° C
Forbindelse: M8
Vægt: 22,0 kg
Dimensioner (BxHxD) i mm: 350 x 187 x 283

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 350 × 187 × 283 cm

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