Solar Charge Controller Phocos CIS-MPPT 85/15, IP68, 12/24V

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15A battery current, 15A load current, 12/24V, Voc 50/85V, IP68
Product Weight :0,78 kg
Dimensions : 88.5 x 150 x 41.4 mm (LxWxH)

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Solar Charge Controller Phocos CIS-MPPT 85/15, IP68, 12/24V are the core of every PV system, precisely controlling the flow of energy while protecting the battery and increasing system efficiency.
Harsh weather conditions may damage the electronics. In order to protect these core elements and thereby increase system operation time, reliability, efficiency and reduce costs, Phocos has designed a product line with fully encapsulated housings (IP68 protection class): the CIS series.
With innovative maximum power point tracking technology, these Phocos MPP tracker ensure maximum performance and yield from a variety of solar systems. The integrated dataloggers store important information up to 2 years. The CML can charge mobile phones or similar USB loads with integrated USB port.

Technical data:

Battery current 150A
Load current 15A ,
Battery voltage: 12V or 24V
Voc 50/85V, LED,
Product Weight :0,78 kg
Packed Weight : 0.9 kg
Dimensions : 88.5 x 150 x 41.4 mm (LxWxH)


Outstanding system efficiency (max. 98%) thanks to the integrated Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
Maximizes power output and reduces system costs
Encapsulated case provides full protection (IP68 protection class) and increases life span.
Intelligent timer and dimming functions for flexible lighting control
Auto-protect function: two voltage disconnects extend system operation time and increase reliability
Can be operated via CIS-CU IR remote control unit
Smallest size in its power class – fits everywhere
Data logger (2 years) with additional MXI-IR and CISCOM Software

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 88,5 × 150 × 41,4 cm

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