Solar Module Sunware TX 14152 17Wp Winter Battery Charger

383,00 Incl. Tax

Dimensions: 750 x 275 x 5 mm (LxWxH)

Delivery: 5-6 days from Germany


TX solar modules are stitched into an extremely robust textile frame with foldable wings. The soft divider between the rigid module and the textile frame allows the modules to be fastened to taut textile surfaces such as a tarpaulin.
Each wing of a multi-wing module works independently, which reduces power loss if partially shaded.
A watertight plug connector is fitted to the short module connection-cable for easy removal of the module when the tarpaulin or similar is folded away.
The module is fastened to the textile top using Tenax fasteners. Matching Tenax base parts for textile surfaces are enclosed with each module. Other fastening methods such as hook and loop tape or zip fastener may be sewn onto the frame.

Cable outlet: Socket sealed to seawater and screwed to mounting plate
Serial number with 6 digits
Mounting strap
Textile frame
Tenax tops
Textile joint (of multi-wing modules)

Technical data

Pmax 17,0 Wp
Imax 1 A
UOC 22.8 V
Isc 1,1A
No. of cells 36 pcs.
Laminate ETFE / EVA / ETFE
Dimension:750 x 275 x 5 mm

System. Voltage 12.0 V
Cable socket on the front side
Cable 2 x 1.5 mm²
Cable length 10 m
Weight net 1 kg
Weight Gross 1,5 kg

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

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