SPR Caravan Kit Solar Peak PRS15 120W | 12V

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12 VDC, 1 solar module 120 W

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SPR Caravan Kit Solar Peak PRS15 120W | 12V is perfect for the easy installation at your caravan or sailing boat
They allow for an easy operation of 12 VDC-consumers such as light, radio, TV/SAT or pond pumps, etc.
With a 230 Volt inverter you can even connect electrical AC devices.
These kits are available in different versions with diffe-rent charge controllers and modules, suitable for every need of the vehicle.
This makes these kits the ideal solution for sufficient power on board.

SPR Caravan Kit Solar Peak PRS15 120W | 12V

1  Solar Module Phaesun Sun Peak SPR 120
1 Solar Charge Controller Steca Solarix PRS 1515
1 Module fixture kit Easy Mount One
1 Roof duct
1 Module Cable Phaesun QuickCab4-2,5/5
1 Module mounting kit Easy Mount One
1 Glue Set Easy Bond Two
1 Module cable 5 m 1,5 m battery cable with fuse (20 A)
1 Adapter cable for EBL

Installation material

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Weight 11,52 kg

Phaesun GMBH

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