Ultrasonic Anti marten device for motor vehicles Kemo M100N

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Dimensions approx. 72 x 50 x 28 mm (without fastening straps)

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Kemo M100N, Ultrasonic Anti marten device for motor vehicles produces aggressive ultrasonic sounds not audible to human which martens find extremely annoying and so try to avoid them, if possible. To be mounted in the engine compartment of motor vehicles.
Ultrasonic marten repellent for use in cars, houses and lofts. Produces enormously loud and pulsating ultrasonic sounds with a special dome speaker.
Technical Data
Powerful hemispherical dome speaker, 2-fold effectiveness ultrasound + pulsating light.
Operating voltage 11 – 15 V/DC (car battery)
Switch-on function soft start so that the vehicle computer will not be disturbed.
Average power consumption < 2 mA
Ultrasonic frequency approx. 23 kHz.
Angle of radiation approx. 140°
Acoustic pressure max. ca. 110 dB (± 20%) (Ultrasonic devices should have a sound pressure level exceeding 100 dB (C) to avoid habituation (ADAC test results).
Sound loud pulsating Loudspeaker ceramic piezoelectric ultrasonic loudspeaker with spherical membrane of aluminium.
Optical determent pulsating LED
Temperature range approx. –25 to +80°C
Electronics watertight encapsulated
Fuse in the fuse holder F500mA
Dimensions approx. 72 x 50 x 28 mm (without fastening straps)
Voltage peaks secured against voltage peaks in the vehicle power supply up to 40 V (< 20 ms)
CAN data bus suitable for vehicles with CAN data bus.

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