Victron Cyrix-Li 12/24/48V, 120/230A battery combiner

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Continuous current : 120A / 230A
Download datasheet Cyrix-Li-ion-120A
Download datasheet Cyrix-Li-ion-230A
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Intelligent battery monitoring to prevent unwanted switching
Cyrix Li Battery Connects to Lithium-Ion Batteries
Cyrix Li ion: used for lithium battery systems
Cyrix Li-Load: Used to protect loads through the battery after depth of discharge.
Cyrix Li-Charge: Used for a lithium battery charger and connect this to deactivate before the battery is left too much
Cyrix-Li ct: allows to combine the battery in the car (a lead acid starter battery) with a lithium ion

Cyrix Li-CT 12 / 24V, 120A
Cyrix Li-LOAD 12 / 24V, 120A
Cyrix Li-LOAD 24 / 48V, 120A
Cyrix Li-Charge 12 / 24V, 120A
Cyrix Li-Charge 24 / 48V, 120A
Cyrix Li-CT 12 / 24V, 230A
Cyrix Li-LOAD 12 / 24V, 230A
Cyrix Li-LOAD 24 / 48V, 230A
Cyrix Li-Charge 12 / 24V, 230A
Cyrix Li-Charge 24 / 48V, 230A

Common Specifications:
Continuous current (A): 120 / 230A
Enclosure class: IP54
Weight (kg): 0.11
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D: 46 x 46 x 80

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Weight 0.3 kg

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