Battery Charger Victron Centaur 230V, 24V battery, 16-60A

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Dimensions 355x215x110  / 426x239x135 / 505x255x130
Weight 3,8 – 12 kg

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Delivery: 3-4 dage from Germany

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Three-stage charging, with temperature compensation. The Centaur charges at bulk rate until the output has reduced to 70% of the rated Amps, at which a 4 hour timer begins. After the timed period the charger switches to float rate.An internal temperature sensor is used to compensate the charge voltage with – 2 mV/ºC (– 1 mV/ºF) per cell. A DIP switch is available to select the optimum charge/float voltages for Flooded Lead-acid, Gel or AGM batteries.

Input Voltage 90 – 265V AC

Select type / Charge current (A) :

Centaur Charger 24/16 24V / 16A
Centaur Charger 24/30 24V / 30A
Centaur Charger 24/40 24V / 40A
Centaur Charger 24/60 24V / 60A


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Weight 4 kg

Victron Energy

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