Caravan Kit Base Camp Aero SOL10 240W | 12V

547,00 Incl. Tax

12VDC, 2x solar module 120W with integrated spoilers, 1x Solar Charge Controller MPPT Western WRM20, Glue-Set, Roof duct, 5m module connection cable QuickCab4, 1x QuickClip4, 1x adapter cable for EBL

Delivery: 3-5 days from Germany


The integrated Phaesun sets enable you to provide electricity just as if you were connected to the grid, for your vehicle, your boat, or your holiday home. With the help of a Phaesun inverter, you can even connect some 240V devices to your battery. Just assemble, connect, and you are ready to go.
These kits include all components for the reliable power supply on the way! High-quality standard modules can be safely fixed on different surfaces with the aluminium spoiler profiles and Tec7 glue.
The Kit enables you to operate the following consumers without any problems: Water pumps, illumination, radio, TV/SAT, compressor fridges, heater blowers, or even small pond pumps from April to October.

Easy installation through plug & play module connectors

– 2 x Solar module 120W with integrated spoilers, 120W / 12V
– 1 x Solar charge Controller MPPT Western WRM20
– 1 x glue set
– 5m module connection cable QuickCab4
– 1 x battery cable 2x 2.5 mm2 with fuse 20A
– 1 x roof duct 1 cable entry
-1 x adapter cable for EBL

Can provide power daily in the summer to supply at the same time:
4 bulbs a 5 watts for 4 hours + 14 “TV for 4 hours,


Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Phaesun GMBH

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