Solar Charge Controller Sunware FOX-220, 20A/12V, 24V

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Dimension : 120 x 105 x 52 mm

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Solar Charge Controller Sunware FOX-220, 20A/12V, 24V is a solar charge controller for modulated currents up to 20 A, suitable for AGM, gel and lead batteries. Consumers can be connected up to a current consumption of 20 A maximum. The total current protection monitors and protects the battery
against harmful short circuits, and alternatively the night light function can be used. When using night light  function, a consumer
will be on during the time the modules are not supplying charging current (ie when it is dark). Ideal for running an orientation
light or small light to prevent burglary. The optimized charge characteristic in combination with
hardware PWM control achieves a significantly faster and gentler charging of the battery, dangerous gassing or overcharging is safe
be prevented.

FOX-MD1:  remote control not included, must be ordered separately.

General technical data:
Characteristic Value / unit
System voltage 12 V / 24 V automatic
– No recognition <6 V
– Recognition 12 V 6 V – 17.0 V
– Recognition 24 V> 17.0 V
Operating voltage 8.5 V … 35 V
Protection against overcharging max. 20 A at 25 °C
temp. compensation -20mV / ° K @ 12V, -40mV / ° K @ 24V
Check the frequency 244 Hz
Max. terminal voltage 50V (KU on module label)
Total current protection max. 20 A at 25 °C
– Switch-on/switch-off delay 1 min
Nightlight function max. 20 A at 25 °C
– Turns on when not charging
– Power off when charging
– Switch-on/switch-off delay 10 min
– Battery status display LED (multi-color)
– Charging current display LED (yellow)
– Output status display LED (multi-color)
Terminals VA screw, max. 16mm²
Fuses on B1, B2 25 A, internally soldered
Power required by the device (with FOX-MD1) 12.0 mA (15.0 mA)
Voltage loss from 0.0 to 0.27 V (@ 0 – 20 A)
Ambient / storage conditions -25 ° C … + 50 ° C, non-thawing
Storage conditions -25 ° C … + 80 ° C

Type of protection IP 22
Weight 300 g

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