Diaphragm pump LILIE by SHURflo LP1014 24V 18.9 l / min

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Dimensions: 230 x 123 x 125 mm
Voltage 24 V

Delivery: 2-5 days

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The 5-chamber sensor diaphragm pump LP1014 by Lily by SHURflo offers very high performance, variable adjustment of flow, permanent sampling and control of water pressure by a smart sensor and forwarding to the integrated microprocessor-controlled electronics. So that the amount of water is dosed exactly as required. The pump runs very quietly, does not spray and promotes the water evenly without temperature fluctuations. The SensorPump delivers according to requirements and model from 0 to 19 litres/min. At a variable, splash-free pressure from 0 to 5.2 bar. The function remains silent with each pressure and flow.

Whisper controller function
Electric control
Dosage exactly as required
High pressure resistance
Voltage 24 V
Max. Capacity 18.9 l / min
Cut-off 5.2 bar
Power consumption Max. 5 A
Max. Suction 4.0 m
Standpipes 5
Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions: 230 x 123 x 125 mm

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Weight 4 kg

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