Installation-Set 9300 Shurflo Pump 50-100m

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Set for the type 9300 consist of: food safe fabric tube 12×3 mm blue, cable 2×1,5 mm², holding rope
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Installation set for pumps including food safe hose , cable and holding line.
Set for type 9300 consists of: food safe hose 12 × 3 mm blue, cable 2 × 1,5 mm², holder rope
Set 1:
– 50m hose 12 × 3 mm blue
– 50m cable 2 × 1.5 mm²
– 50m holding rope

Set 2:
– 100m hose 12 × 3 mm blue
– 100m cable 2 × 1.5 mm²
– 100m holding rope

Shurflos 9300 pumps are backed by 45 years of research and engineering experience. Designed to be strong and yet lightweight, these pumps can be easily repaired in the field. Typical applications include drip irrigation, stock and wildlife watering, remote homes and cabins. The most common use is for remote homes and stock watering. For all but very shallow wells a pump controller should be used, or you can buy the complete kit which includes the 902-200 Shurflo controller as an alternative.

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