Energy Comfort Kit Solar Side James Last

315,00 Incl. Tax

No solar cell included
Recommended 10 w solar module

Delivery from Germany: 3-5 days


Energy Comfort Kit Solar Side James Load reflects the current technical level of storage technology based on Solar Side Lithium batteries with built-in Charging electronics and convenient display.
The packages are easy to install due to their plug & play design and easy to use for various purposes. This kit can be easily installed in almost any location and used as a very flexible mobile device. Apart from three 12V connectors, there is also a USB connector available for charging mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and even tablet computers.
The packages are equipped with various high-efficiency LED lighting devices. The practical LC display with integrated backlight shows all information about the system, even when it is dark outside. These kits are characterized by very long life and long-term ease of use.

No solar modules included
Recommended 10 w solar module

1x Solar Side Seven, 12 VDC,
1x Super Illu 270 lm,
1x Super Illu 450 lm,
1x Sunflower 270 lm,
2x Illu plug cable 5 m,
2x extension wire 5 m,
1x USB mobile phone adapter set,
1x single package


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Weight 8 kg

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