Energy Generation Kit Solar Up Two 100W / 12V

284,00 Incl. Tax

Battery voltage: 12V
Solar module: 100 Wp

Delivery: 2-4 days from Germany


This kit is ideal for slightly increased power requirements. Solar modules, charge controllers and cables are delivered in optimum quality which ensures that they will serve you for many years to come.

During the summer, the set provides approx. 500-600 Wh with 5-6 sunny hours a day on average. During the dark winter weeks, the capacity decreases to 1-1,5 h power yield on average.


Fully weather resistant solar modules with a long durability, salt water protected
Solar cable with standard 4 connectors
Ideal for deck tops, caravan roofs and camper vans

– 2 pieces solar module a 50Wp with frame
– 1 charge controller Steca PR 1010
– 10m solar cable 2 × 2.5mm² with MC4 connectors
– 1 battery cable with 10A fuse
You need a battery 100-150 Ah/12V, NO battery included in this kit

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Phaesun GMBH

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