Ventilation kit with solar modules KCVM05

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Dimensions solar cell (LxWxH) 255x255x34 mm
Weight 1.3 kg
For ventilation of summer house, cabins, allotment house

Delivery time:  1-3 days


Ventilation kit with solar modules KCVM05 is recommended for rooms/houses up to 20 m²
The ventilation kit with solar cells is suitable for ventilating summer houses, allotment houses, cabins,
basement, damp rooms or common rooms / rooms all year round.
The system ensures good air circulation, removes mold, fungus, Radon gas and keeps the house odor-free.

– 1 x  5Wp/12V solar module
Dimensions (LxWxH)) 255x255x34 mm
Weight 1 kg
– 1 x Sunon Fan 12V DC 80x80x25 G/ 1.42W, 62m³ / h
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
Air volume: 56 m³/h
Noise: 28 dB
– 1 x 12V/1A converter/regulator for fans mounted in box
– 5 m cable 2×0.75mm2
– Assembly diagram and instructions

Accessories for ventilation kit (not included in the price, can be purchased separately)
– Thermostat 0-40gr.
– Broco Switch On/off switch
– Drain pipe valve – gray
– Reed valve – gray
– extra cable 2×0.75mm2
– SMS1 – Mounting bracket for solar cells, BLACK, 51cm
– Angle bracket 70X55X70X3mm

No pipes for mounting the fan are included. 10cm diameter pipe can be used for mounting the fan in, if you carefully cut the corners of the fan with garden shears.
10 cm pipe can be found in most building centres.

Dimensioning and installation of the ventilation kit with solar cells

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

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