Foldable solar bag EFTE 135W/12V, with MPPT Charge controller

240,00 Incl. Tax

Rated power: 3 × 45 watts
Dimensions: 560 x 520 x 30 mm, unfolded: 560 x 1560 x 10 mm ready for use
Delivery: 4-5 days from Germany


Foldable solar bag EFTE 135W/12V, with IP67  MPPT Charge controller.
Take advantage of the flexibility of foldable solar modules in your everyday life. The innovative lightweight design sunbag allows you to easily transport anytime and stand up using the built-in feet.
Lightweight, flexible and ready for use at any time.
The 135 watt solar panel with integrated handle ensures that you can easily carry them as a shopping bag. The integrated feet ensure that the bag can be placed anywhere and at any time, and the solar energy can be used. Due to the supplied accessories, the solar module is ready for use at all times.
MPPT regulator, extension cable and many connectivity options
The built-in MPPT solar charger with IP67, reaps the optimum energy from the sun. The connection system with SEA plug ensures quick and flexible use of the solar cells. You must connect the MPPT charger controller via the SEA connector on the solar cell, connect the extension cord with charger connector and then connect with the attached crocodile mount, M8 eyelets or cigarette lighter, to connect your battery.
SunPower solar cells
The solar cell package is made of high quality solar cells. These provide optimum energy efficiency even under poor lighting conditions or partial shade.

Technical data:
Rated power: 135 Wp
Module type: 12 volt solar module
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 7.46 A.
open circuit voltage (Voc): 23.2 V
Working voltage (Vmpp): 18.3 V
Working current (Impp): 7.38 A
Dimensions: 560 x 520 x 30 mm, unfolded: 560 x 1560 x 10 mm ready for use
Weight: 6.3 kg

Contents: 1x solar bag 135W PV-3 × 45-M-36, 3 outriggers, 1x MPPT1050-DC charging controller, 1x extension cable 3m with SEA connector, 1x crocodile battery cable, 1x M8 battery cable, 1x HAN cigarette connector

Solar module for battery operation, can be folded. Can be used for charging camera, mobile, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, GPS, light, led light, laptop. For travel, hiking, boat, bike, festivals.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg

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